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Meet our friend Kado

Kado is an Alaskan Timberwolf / Malamute or Husky (we're not sure). He's very smart. He practically housebroke himself. He loves living in the house (it's cool, and everybody tosses him snacks). He loves going for walks and drives in the car (he's an amazingly calm car dog).
At home he likes to play with his "baby," (shown in the picture) that he shakes around and tosses into the air, then goes chasing after it. When nobody's home he lies on the kitchen floor and listens to country music (I don't know if he likes it), and the blinds to the kitchen window are up just high enough so he can peek through and see cars driving up. He greats you excitedly when you arrive home!

When he was a puppy Kado was saved from a flash-flood with roof-high water. He's a special dog. We love Kado.

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