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Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas!

PastryWiz step-by-step decorating instructions

You need - Santa Claus - Reindeer Rudolf - Final

Santa's Beard

Now to the white fluffy beard our night visitor of the 24th wears.

Make a ball of white paste and flatten it out to an oval shape.

Make one end the top by pinching out two 'horns'.

Dampen the back of the beard and stick into place using a little water, making sure the 'horns' go up the sides of the head. These are his side burns. :)

If a hand gets in the way take it off and then place it back on when you've attached the beard.

The moustache.
Make a small sausage of white paste and cut it into two.

Make each of the two into tear drop shapes.

Santa's Face

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